If you're looking for expert knowledge in business simplification, delivery optimisation, or preparing for new technologies; I'm available for engagements that focus on providing value, not just my time.

With extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, I provide support to organisations of all sizes. Whether at a strategic or technical level, I help to identify the most valuable priorities, inspired by more than a decade of observation, experimentation, and validation.

Find out how to Devise, Deliver, and Discover change for value.


A Devise engagement is focused on strategic support — approaches to reducing risk and being effective

Transformation programs can be highly complex, with broad and deep impacts to a business. Framing the intent, themes and goals of the program is required to provide a common thread for everybody.

Starting this work from scratch can be daunting, especially while still needing to focus on the operating business.

If you find yourself asking —

  • How do we effectively prepare our teams for change?
  • Why do transformation programs take so long and struggle to succeed?
  • How do we get our teams to be more agile and encourage innovation?
  • How do we encourage champions for maximum engagement?
  • How can we be agile, iterative, and still meet business expectations?
  • How do we simplify a complex business, remaining personal to customers?

— you'll find a Devise engagement most valuable.


A Deliver engagement is focused on actionable best practice — execution with clear direction

Executing on the delivery of a large-scale program takes more than hiring a team. Governance, process, architecture, design, and development all benefit from a strong foundation of practices.

For years industry forums and delivery partners have engaged in supporting transformation programs. Despite this, there still remains a lack of common, repeatable guidance that can accelerate delivery.

If you find yourself asking —

  • How do digital capabilities map to our technology stack?
  • What components and capabilities are fundamental?
  • How do we use industry concepts of digital architecture and data modelling?
  • What roles should our teams play during delivery and after?
  • What does a successful, end-state digital architecture really look like?
  • How do we ensure consistency of design and approach across all teams?
  • How do we prove early value, while accepting and preparing for constant improvement?

— you'll find a Deliver engagement most valuable.


A Discover consultation is an ad hoc discussion of developing technology — exploring the impact of change

Having seen over a decade of industry change and technology innovation, nothing hints at a slow of pace. Instead, more recent foundational technologies are accelerating change and its impact on how businesses operate.

The evolution of computing (from virtualization, to cloud, to edge, to ubiquitous), moves towards distributed and autonomous agents (such as those found in the IoT  and ML), and the growth of interest in decentralization (spearheaded by blockchain and self-sovereign identity) will be central to how businesses prepare for the future.

If you find yourself asking —

  • How does X represent a disruption to — or opportunity for — our business?
  • What steps can we take to engage with new technologies?
  • What are the realities of X in terms of maturity and applicable use case(s)?
  • How can we encourage a relationship with innovative ecosystems?

— you'll find a Discover consultation most valuable.

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